Tuesday, October 05, 2010

After the Race

After the race, Justin and I navigated to downtown Kansas City, where I had scored a ridiculous deal on Hotwire for a 4-star hotel! It was the Hyatt Regency Crown Center, which has the only revolving restaurant in Kansas City on its roof. The hotel was pretty full that night, so they placed us in an executive suite on the 39th(!) floor - it was equipped for conference meetings with a full 6-seat conference table in it! The coolest thing about the room was the view out our windows!Seeing as we were dressed in NASCAR gear, windswept, and covered head-to-toe in racing grime and debris, we opted out of the fancy schmancy revolving restaurant. Instead, we used the skylink to walk over to the Crown Center, an indoor 3-story mall that had several places to eat. We chose Fritz's Railroad Restaurant in honor of our little man at home. It was your standard burger joint food, but the cool thing about the place is that your food is delivered by a train!You pick up a little phone at the table and call in your order. A live person brings your drinks and other things that might spill, but then a little train comes along a rail that runs along the top of the wall and brings the rest of your food! Rather than trying to describe to you how it works, I found a video on youtube... So click here if you want to see it! :) I unfortunately forgot our camera, so these pictures were taken on the cell phone. Justin and I thought that either Elias would've loved the place, or he would've majorly melted down over not being able to touch the train. So we were glad to be able to just sit down and enjoy a meal together without the danger of anybody melting down!

In all, we had a great weekend, and we're so thankful for all the friends and family who made it happen!

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