Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kite Flying

Elias' favorite movie right now is Thomas and the Runaway Kite. So he knows all about kites and kite flying, and it randomly occurred to me yesterday that I bought him a kite last year in the end-of-summer clearance, and we had never even opened it! So I found it and pulled it out, and we took it out flying today! It's a cool inflatable Elmo kite, so it was really easy to fly! Elias LOVED it! At first he just wanted to walk around the field holding the kite, which was exciting in itself.But eventually I convinced him to let me try to get it up in the air. We succeeded on only the second try, and it stayed up for about 15 minutes with very little effort. Here's Elias enjoying the kite:

Sweet times with my little man.

Unfortunately, he was playing with it when we got home and he popped it. So this maybe was our only fun flying experience with the Elmo kite... So I'm glad I have it documented! Hopefully I'll figure out how to repair it!

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