Monday, October 04, 2010

NASCAR, Part 1: Sea of Humanity

It only took a few minutes after arriving at the parking lot of Kansas Speedway before Justin and I decided this is the coolest thing we have ever done together. Our minds were totally blown!We parked about a mile(?) away from the Speedway and just walked through a massive sea of people and cars to get to the track itself. We could not believe how many cars and people were there!Below is the preferred parking section for those who pay extra for box seats. Check out all the flags and tailgating tents! And it goes ALLL the way back in the distance, as far as the eye can see!The grandstand was PACKED, which surprised us because the race we attended was the Nationwide Series, which is like the minor league of auto racing. The Speedway's website says that the grandstand holds 82,000. Umm, yeah. There were at LEAST that many people there! Not counting all the drivers, crew, workers, and people camping in the infield! Un. Believable!I do not even want to imagine the crowd at Sunday's race!

Note: A friend gave us the tickets to this race completely free, and that was such a blessing!! Many, MANY thanks to Steve and his family who provided this amazing experience for Justin and me!!!

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Steve said...

Cindy and I were thrilled that you and Justin were able to make the race extravaganza this past weekend. Our grandkids seemed more content to play at the hotel room, however said they had a great time at the races. The highlight for Cameron, our 3 year old grandson, was when a security person gave him an actual lugnut from one of the Nationwide cars after their first pit on Saturday.
Please pass along to Justin that from an 'economics' perspective, we learned that over 100,000 people infused over 175 million dollars into the Kansas City businesses. Now that's what I call a stimulous!