Friday, October 01, 2010

Do Re Mi

This post has been a long time coming, but I've finally compiled all the video footage I want to go along with it! A LOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago, Justin introduced Elias to the Do Re Mi song from The Sound of Music. First he was just playing the scale on the keyboard, then they started watching the clip of that scene on youtube. Well, Elias just REALLY took to that song, and he LOVES it! So a couple times a week, we'll put in the Sound of Music DVD and watch the entire Do Re Mi scene. Elias loves it! He's transfixed! And by now he has learned ALL the words, and he sings the song ALL the time.

I left in the ending of this video because it's so hilarious! This kid can jump tracks and go full throttle in a different direction... You have to be sharp to keep up with him! Instead of finishing Do Re Mi, he sings "All aboard and close the doors!" - the first line to the Thomas and Friends Sounds Song.

Anyhow he doesn't just know the words to the Do Re Mi songs - he has learned all the dialogue between the segments. If you watch this version of the Do Re Mi scene, there are subtitles with all the dialogue as well as the lyrics - this is the one we watch on the computer. Because of this, I notice little things in the script that otherwise I wouldn't have paid attention to. But Elias picks up them ALL. It's almost like he can read the subtitles - maybe just the fact that they're there make him pay more attention to the words he's hearing. Anyway, he can say every word in the whole scene! So funny! In the first part of this next video, he's shouting the syllables the way the children do at the beginning of the scene. Then in the second part, he's singing all the words to the end section.

My sweet boy!!! I LOVE that he loves this movie! Whenever we have the DVD in, we also watch the yodeling puppet scene of the Lonely Goatherd, and he likes that one too... He'll be yodeling next!!

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Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Obviously he gets his singing talents from his momma! You have such a pretty voice!