Monday, July 18, 2011

Adventures with Daddy

Justin is quite possibly the best daddy on earth.  He and Elias have such great times together, and Justin is so creative coming up with fun things to do!  Elias' daily motto has now become "Let's go on an adventure!" because he's so used to doing fun things with Justin!  Sometimes our adventures are just simple things like going out to eat, going to the park, or going out to do some shopping.  But other times, we do more special things.

In June there was a Pie Festival held in Bolivar's town square, and Justin took Elias to sample some pie and hear the music.  Elias didn't care for the pie, and the bluegrass band had stopped playing by the time they got there, but Elias still had fun!  He loves just being out and seeing people, and they still had some music playing over the loudspeakers that apparently Elias just thought was too good not to dance!

The way Justin tells it, people just thought Elias was hilarious out there grooving in the middle of the street by himself.  I think he's pretty funny too.

Then the next weekend our county had its county fair, so Justin took Elias out to that too.  They had fun food, and inflatables, which Elias of course loved.

Then it wouldn't be Southwest Missouri if they didn't also have a pig show! 

According to Justin, Elias was too afraid to pet the pigs, but he enjoyed the show, and he really liked it when there was a pig named Bash, which is the name of one of the trains on Thomas & Friends.  Ah well, whatever works.

But I'm so very thankful that my son has such a fun dad that comes up with such fun things to do with him!

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JDTapp said...

A little clarification: It was the Bolivar Cruise-In, where classic car owners show off their cars. Homemade pies were sold as a fundraiser. There was not a bluegrass band scheduled, it was Local Folks, which is just a 3-guy cover all genre cover band featuring one of the computer science faculty.