Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Playing with Esther

Justin has a colleague at work who moved here from China and actually began work at SBU the same semester Justin did.  He and his wife are wonderful people, and they have the most adorable little girl, who is exactly a year younger than Elias.  At the beginning of the summer, they had us over for a cookout, and it was neat to see Esther and Elias playing together.  They speak Chinese at home, so Esther doesn't know much English, but she is the most charming girl, and we all played just fine together!  So here are a few pictures they sent me - I forgot my camera!
Baochuan pulling Esther and Elias in a wagon he made himself!
If you click to enlarge this one, you'll see Esther's beautiful smile!  She is such a doll!

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