Saturday, July 16, 2011

Evening at the Park

One evening in June before it got TOO hot, we spent an evening at the park.  We took some old bread to feed the ducks and geese.  Elias wasn't too sure about that, but it was interesting and educational nonetheless.
We saw a huge family of geese with about 15 goslings!
 Then we played on the swings, and Elias always loves it when Daddy pushes him!
Silly boys!
This was an interesting trip to the park because we ran into a couple there who had apparently brought their 3 pet parrots with them.  One of them was a blue macaw that looked just like a parrot that's in one of Elias' favorite Thomas movies.  (See image at right.) So we went over to say hi, and the people actually let their cockatoo sit on our shoulders!  This terrified Elias, but he still talks about it to this day "The cockatoo said 'Pretty bird!'"  I didn't get any pictures because I either had a bird on my shoulder or a terrified toddler in my arms the whole time.  But it was still an experience we'll remember!

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