Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Georgetown Visit

At the beginning of June, Justin spent a week in Ankara, Turkey to scope out job possibilities for us to potentially move there.  You can read his write-up of his trip here.  While he was gone, Elias and I spent that time in Kentucky with my parents.  They had just moved back to Kentucky from Cincinnati, so this was the first time we had been to their new house!  We had such a great time with them, and I was so thankful for their help caring for Elias since I was still recovering from mono at the time.  Here are a few pictures:
We made this trip right after Elias' birthday party, and this was a Thomas book he got from his Aunt Jessica and family.  It has buttons to push and then a sound plays and a little picture shows up on a digital screen.  He spent HOURS with this in the car!
Grandma & Grandpa's new house is on a lake, so we enjoyed the peaceful and beautiful setting!
Grandma, in her desire to be the World's Coolest Grandma, had saved this huge box from moving for her grandkids to play in, and Elias did in fact love it!  He still talks about the Ginormous Huge Monster Box!
One day we all went to the car wash together and gave Grandma's car a bath.
I was skeptical that Elias would actually be interested in washing the car - I expected him to be running out in the street.  I was wrong, though!  He loved helping!
Fun, new experiences with Grandma & Grandpa!
It was such a blessing for Elias to be able to spend that time getting to know his Grandma and Grandpa, and them to know him!  Grandma and Grandpa were so generous with us - they even made an extra trip to drive us all the way home again so I wouldn't have to do all that driving myself.  SO THANKFUL for my family!  Love you guys!

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