Sunday, February 22, 2009


OK, this is weird! Before today, Elias has not shown any signs of even being close to clapping his hands. He was always interested whenever we clapped our hands, but the closest he has ever come to that motion is when he does the "more" sign while eating. But today, we got home from church, fed him his lunch, and he started clapping when he was done eating! Like real, coordinated clapping that makes the good noise and everything. Then he did it again later when Daddy started clapping his hands. What on earth?! Did they do something at church with him?? I'm going to ask them next week if they taught him how to clap! :)

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Katie said...

I've discovered that Carina will only clap when she wants to, not when she sees us doing it. She did it yesterday a little bit at church during the singing. She really has to be tickled (not literally) by something to do it. I guess eating is Eli's little trigger. :)