Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

We had a fun Valentine's Day yesterday! First of all, we watched the UK game on TV, and it was very enjoyable! Jodie Meeks is insane. Elias even enjoyed watching a little bit!

Then we went to the basketball game at SBU, where Justin teaches. This was the first game we had all been to together - it was FUN! I was surprised how well Elias did - he sat on my lap and just watched the game! He would seriously watch the guys run up and down the court. I thought he might be scared by the noise, especially the buzzer, but he was just fine. He had a great time, and we all did too!I thought we were all cute in our matching SBU gear.

Then we just spent the rest of the evening at home. I cooked dinner which I must say was fabulous! I made Crab-Stuffed Portobellos and Valentine Roasted Asparagus. It was so pretty I took a picture!I thought the heart-shaped red peppers on top of the asparagus was cute. I can't take credit for the idea, though - I found it online!

I'm so thankful for both my boys - my sweet valentines!

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