Thursday, February 05, 2009

Jeepers, Creeper!

Elias is getting mobile now! I think the technical term for what he's doing is "creeping," because it's not quite crawling. But we definitely have forward motion! Here's a video I took this afternoon:

I'm proud of him and excited, yet also kind of fearful. Gone are the days I can just leave him laying on the blanket and he'll still be there when I get back! I think our house is fairly childproofed already, but I guess it's time to get serious about making sure everything's safe for our roaming bandit.

In case you're wondering why I started singing to him at the end, it's something he does with his daddy that he doesn't do with me. Justin can sing to him and Elias will "sing" back - really more like a shriek, but it's cute! He is getting VERY vocal these days - babbles, shrieks, grunts, you name it!

And I have a lot of time to hear him vocalize because he seems to be on a napping strike. My friend, Ashlee, has a son who is just 1.5 months older than Elias, and she blogged about her son doing this when he was about Elias' age. I'm thankful she did or else I might be panicking right now! He's gone from napping 4-4.5 hours during the day to napping 45 minutes-1 hour. Total. Ummm, what?! It was just all of the sudden he decided to stop sleeping! He's not fussy or tired, and he doesn't complain that I put him in his crib for naptime even if he doesn't sleep. I think it might have to do with his motor developments being too exciting to allow sleep, and also his top teeth are coming in, both of which may be affecting the napping. Thankfully, he's still sleeping AWESOME at night, so that's most important to us. Ashlee said it only lasted a couple weeks for her son, so I'm praying that's the way it is with us!


Jessica said...

He's a cutie! I remember one of my boys doing the napping strike thing, too. He outgrew it and went back to a normal sleeping schedule.

Jeannie said...

we call that an army crawl. How fun that he's on the move!

Katie said...

Hehe, he looks like a little froggy! Too cute! Totally not what Carina's doing; she pretty much stays on her belly and pushes off. Hopefully he'll get back to napping better soon. Maybe he's ready to stay awake longer between sleep times?

Ashlee said...

Noah was an army crawler too. And I pray that his napping strike does not last as long! But God knows how much we can handle and He won't give us more than He has given us strength for. The day before Noah ended his strike I prayed, "Lord I'm not sure I can take this much longer. Please help Noah to sleep." Of course other days I prayed he would sleep too but I wasn't on my wick's end until the 3rd week - I cannot believe I made it that long! But just keep laying him down and fighting it out. He'll be much better with it!

KarenD said...

Yes, they do the sleep strike thing when they're learning to walk, too. I think it's true, they are truly excited about their newfound skill. Way to go, E! Welcome to the world of mobility... it's only up and around from here, kiddo! (Beware, Mom!)