Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl Party = NOT Fun!

Last night we attempted to go to a Super Bowl Party with our Sunday School class. We got there right before kickoff and settled Elias on the floor with the other babies the way they always play when we all get together. However, only a few minutes went by before E started screaming. What's up, baby dude? We would pick him up, comfort him, and put him back down - screaming again in just 10 minutes. Before too long, even holding him wasn't doing the trick. We even tried putting him down for a nap in the Pack 'n Play at the friends' house where we were... Yeah, right. No chance of sleeping! He just screamed for about 30 minutes before we gave up and took him home. As soon as we get him in the car, he's fine. Once we're home, he plays happily with his toys until bedtime.

What on earth?!?!?!?! He is never like that! One of the other moms said "He is so sensitive!" No, he's not! I've never seen him act like that!

I think there were several different factors that, all combined together, made for our Super Bowl Flop. First of all, it was Sunday. Sundays are just hard for our little man! During the week, he sleeps 2-2.5 hours during his morning nap; on Sundays, he gets MAYBE 30 minutes. That's already a recipe for disaster. Combine that with an afternoon nap that didn't go well that day, and we've got one TIRED boy on our hands.

Second, he's not used to crowds. Being home alone with me all day makes him not really used to the party atmosphere. Combine that with the fact that they had it dark in there because some people actually wanted to watch the game (Go figure!), plus the group would occasionally start shouting at the TV, and I think he just got scared.

I'm concerned about him panicking at the party, though. Makes me think that I'm not getting him enough social interaction. He goes to the nursery every week at church and does fine, and he sees the other babies whenever our small group meets, which is pretty irregular. But that's it. So, I'm going to start taking him to the weekly "Baby & Me" storytime at our public library, and I hope maybe that'll help broaden his horizons. Anybody have any thoughts, experience, or suggestions about this matter? I want to raise a well-adjusted child who is not the kind whose parents have to leave a party early because he's melting down!!!


Kristy said...

We had this happen to us at Price's 1st thanksgiving. Becky's family is pretty large and loud and Price literally screamed the ENTIRE time. After trying EVERYTHING, we ended up having to leave and come home too. When we got int he car he literally started laughing. I think it was just too much stimulation at once. He hasn't done it since then. Hopefully it will be a one time thing for you too!! Don't worry, you are doing a great job and he'll be well-adjusted. Just a bad day!

KarenD said...

Our strategy for coping with meltdowns (at friends' houses or restaurants) is to bring snacks. I feel like we're bribing Ian with food, but he really is entertained and well, comforted, by a handful of cheerios or some diced fruit. I know that's not really advice for making E "well adjusted," but maybe just a little something to make it through a rough patch. Sundays ARE hard... church throws everything off. :-)

Charity said...

Awwww, E! What were you thinking little dude?! Well, I guess we can forgive you this one time... but this better be the first and last, little guy!

;) Sorry, no advice from the not-married, no kiddos, haven't-got-a-clue girl!

Love ya! =)

Nicki W. said...

he is totally normal and that is natural. tristan would FREAK OUT at big sporting events from all the people and yelling, lights,etc. he will get over it. it is such a weird time at that age...bottom line is THEY NEED THEIR SLEEP. that's all it is. sundays were always my worst days, sadly. church threw us off naps and the rest of the day was shot.
all this to say, you are fine. i have to agree with karen though, we would fill that snack trap up and let him eat puffs galore :)

Sarah S said...

I think it is very normal and it will pass. My first son did that all of the time. I was a stay at home mom until I started working in a gym in the childcare area. Isaac would do exactly what you describe your Eli doing and I talked to his pediatrician about it. He said it was just a phase and to try to distract him with food or toys. It did eventually end and it was only a few weeks that he did it. I think that when they are used to staying home big changes in their schedule are hard on them but as they get older they learn to deal with it in better ways than the screaming.
Totally off topic but I enjoyed meeting you when you came to your parent's Church. It was nice to actually meet you after reading all about your Eli's adventures.

Mollie said...

Isaac did the same thing at Thanksgiving and I'm convinced he was just overstimulated by all the noise and commotion!! As SOON as we left and got in the car he was our happy, contented baby again!! I think your little guy is normal!!!!

Jeannie said...

I would suggest that you keep introducing him to different experiences, as often as possible. It's easy to get caught up in the routine. The babies and momma function better in a routine, but that can cause problems when the routine changes too much. I am sure you guys will work through this and everything will be fine. Best wishes and good luck with social settings in the future!!

Melissa said...

Hey Joni!

I wouldn't stress too much about Eli having a little fit at a superbowl party. The noise at superbowl parties is usually enough to make ME want to leave! So I can only imagine how little ones must feel! Lauren still doesn't like huge crowds. She's okay with a few other moms and kiddos, but anything beyond that stresses her out. It's just too much for kiddos that age! I love the idea of taking him to storytime, though! Are there any Moms' groups in your town? It's always nice to get together with other moms during the week, for social interaction for you and Eli!