Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"More, Please!"

About a month ago, I started working with Elias to teach him some sign language. I want him to be able to communicate a bit with us even before he can talk, and especially when he needs or wants something, I want him to ask for it instead of just crying. So our first concentrated effort at signing was to teach him "More, please," when he's eating. So I was VERY excited when he started using the sign for "more" in the past couple days! He's still not incredibly consistent with it, but it is clear that's what he's doing, and I am thrilled! Today I set the camera on the counter and filmed a bit of it to share my pride with the world!

I always show him the signs, then take his hands and have him do the sign, so that's what you see at first in the video. But after that, he's doing it all by himself!

I'm so proud of him! Can't wait til we get "please" down too!

By the way, if you're wondering what that banging noise is, this child NEVER stops kicking. Ever. So that's him kicking the footrest of his high chair.


Charity said...

elias, you are so stinkin' cute!!! love u and haven't ever met you, cute thing!

Jessica said...

That's great! You're doing such a good job with him!

Katie said...

Awesome job with the signs! I'm trying them with C, too, but the only one I think I'm seeing is the one for "milk." I haven't tried actually bringing her hands together to get her used to signing "more." Thanks for saying that you do that; maybe that's our missing link!

Jeannie said...

as a Sign Language Major in a former life- I have to say I am very impressed! BTW, what do you use for editing your videos??

Ashlee said...

Noah's "more" sometimes comes out more like clapping so we're not sure if he's clapping or asking for more sometimes. And he kicks his feet like crazy too! It's like he's so excited to eat he can't sit still or something. Funny!

Joni said...

Thanks to all of you for the encouragement!

Jeannie, I use the Windows Movie Maker that came on our computer to edit our videos.