Monday, August 31, 2009

A Basketball Star is Born

As I mentioned in Elias' 15-month post, he got a new basketball toy that he likes to play with. He rolls the ball, kicks it (although we're still working on kicking coordination... He has to make a couple passes before he makes contact!), and likes to put the ball through the hoop. Here's a video of the first day we had it:

The goal doesn't stay up anymore (That's what I get for paying $1 for a toy, I guess!), but he still likes to just pick it up and put the ball through.

So now when he's a famous basketball player, we can say we have his first-ever basket recorded for posterity.


Katie said...

I think Carina's in love. She was mesmerized watching this video! ;) Thanks for reminding me; I've got a basketball set for Carina myself (won it at some mothers' function, I think).

Jan said...

Thanks for all the pictures and videos. Elias sure is getting big and more grown up!! He must be so much fun to play with!

BTW, the link you have to Daddy's blog is no longer in existence. His new one is

Love you!!