Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Anniversary Present

Well, we actually bought this for ourselves last week without any thought about our anniversary, but it was finally delivered today, so happy anniversary to us! We decided to get a new bed in the hopes that it would help my back, but since we were buying a bed anyways, we decided to get a king size! We're very excited about this, and we anticipate both of us sleeping better with more room to spread out.

Since we got a different size bed, we also had to get new bedding, and I am SO EXCITED about what we got! (Click to enlarge.) It's so beautiful, like the kind of bedroom I'd always dreamed of having, but never thought I would! But it's real and I love it!!!!!!! (Perfectly matches the curtains we already had... Bonus!)

So here's to many years of sweet dreams for us!!!!


Jessica said...

Very pretty! We've never had a room big enough to fit a king size. Let us know how you sleep on it.

Love you!

KarenD said...

The bedding is gorgeous! Congrats on your anniversary.

Karde┼čim said...

very nice and elegant