Monday, August 31, 2009

Splish Splash

Except for when he was tiny, Elias has always loved taking a bath, and he seems to just like it more and more. He is now a MANIAC in the bathtub because he loves splashing so much. Daddy is still our bath-giver, and he almost always ends up SOAKED by the time the bath is over. This is a sample of what Elias does from the minute he gets into the tub.

You can see at the end what Daddy does to distract him from splashing - giving him fun toys! Nana helps us immensely with that effort by sending us the toy you see here: a little Sesame Street boat set with Ernie and Elmo. If any of you are my friends on Facebook, you saw that Elmo is Elias' new obsession, and he even says "Muh," which means Elmo! So this toy is awesome because Elias loves his new best friend, Elmo, and it's fun to play with him in the tub. Keeps Daddy a little drier. :)

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Katie said...

Hehe, I bet it's fun trying to get those little legs to stay still long enough to soap them up!