Monday, August 17, 2009


Elias has a new word in his vocabulary: "No-no." He definitely knows what it means, and he uses it appropriately. Whenever we reprimand him for doing something he shouldn't, he says "No-no!" (We don't usually use "No-no." We just say "No." He seems to have put that together himself.)

One of the things we're really dealing with right now is he likes to rip off his bib and throw it on the floor when he's done eating. That's a big "No" around here. He's supposed to tell us (by signing) he's all done, then let us take his bib off.

So then today he was eating his afternoon snack in his high chair, and I was in the kitchen working on dinner with my back turned. He did great and ate happily watching me work. But then I heard him say "No-no!" So I turned around and he had thrown his bib on the floor! So I took action by putting his bib back on and telling him that's a "No," but it cracked me up that he tattled on himself! So now we don't have to wonder whether or not he knows that he's not supposed to throw his bib on the floor! Silly boy.

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