Friday, August 28, 2009


It's been a long week for us. Justin went back to school this week, which already makes it rough. I didn't realize how spoiled we got having him home all summer! It was a dream for all of us, and now we're all struggling in falling back into the routine of the semester with him gone all day.

Plus, Elias is teething. I think he's cutting his bottom two molars. He's been fussy, runny nose, chewing on everything, and slobbering everywhere about 5 days now. So hopefully those suckers will come in soon!

But on top of all that, a call to the doctor's office today confirmed that he has croup! (Justin thought that's what it was, but I thought croup would be worse than what he is - I guess he has a mild case? I certainly hope it's not going to get worse before it gets better!) He started coughing on Wednesday night - SCARY coughing that made me seriously consider sleeping on his bedroom floor just so I could make sure he kept breathing. Thankfully, the humidifier gave him relief, and we were all able to get sleep. Last night was rough too, though, even with the humidifier. So we're all struggling and sleep-deprived around here. Thank God for the weekend tomorrow!

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