Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacation, Part 4: Cutie Cousins

I was really pleased with how much Elias enjoyed playing with his cousins, both in Ohio and Kentucky. They're all older than he is, but they did such a good job sharing their toys with him and joining him in the things he was interested in!

Elias sometimes watched some videos of things like Wiggles and Thomas before bed. So one night when we were watching them, Patriot and Azlan joined in. How cute are these three boys all watching The Wiggles together???And here are Elias and Azlan swinging together on the double swing in Patriot & Azlan's backyard. Elias had never swung on anything like this before, but he enjoyed it and Azlan was good to not go to high!

Then in Kentucky, Cousin Joshua is really into Bob the Builder, and Elias enjoyed watching some of that with him and learning about his diggers and dump trucks. Joshua also enjoyed playing Thomas with Elias, too. One morning, we were sitting together reading one of Elias' Thomas books, and both boys just loved it! I read it over and over to them!
I'm so thankful that Elias has such great cousins that he can grow up with on both sides of the family!

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Jan said...

Thanks for the "Hi, Grandma!" in the video. I'll watch that over and over.....