Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Small Town Saturday Night

We have a new special routine on Saturday nights this summer. Elias takes his bath, gets on his jammies, and then we all sit down and watch the Lawrence Welk Show on PBS. Justin and I have always enjoyed watching it, but we have been surprised that Elias really likes it too. He loves the music and the brightly colored outfits, and he really likes the dancing! There's always at least one song in the show when audience members get up and dance. So last week during that part, I asked Elias if he wanted to dance with Mommy. Then I picked him up and we danced together, and it was so cute! I thought we'd be done when that song was over, but when the next song came on, he came over to me and said "Dance with Mommy!" So here's a video of me and Elias dancing together to the Lawrence Welk Show.

I think it is so sweet when he walks over to me with his arms up and says "Dance with Mommy!" (A brief note in my defense, I did NOT know that Justin was filming me dancing too! I figured he was zoomed in on Elias the whole time! Not that I ever dance any better than that, but I wouldn't have happily submitted to having it captured for posterity.)

So then this week when we turned Lawrence Welk on, he remembered and right away ran to me and asked to dance. My sweetie boy! And for the record, this is exactly what we'd be doing on Saturday nights even if we didn't live in a small town. :)


Jessica said...

The dancing with mommy is very sweet and I couldn't help but smile watching your video ... but ... Lawrence Welk!?!? I will refrain from mocking you too much since it's your birthday.

Mama Bear said...

I'm with Jessica on Lawrence Welk - so funny, but so cute too! Also, the guy playing the piano in the video looks like Chris Wommack from behind!

joven said...

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