Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blue = Thomas

I've posted many times here that Elias is completely obsessed with all things Thomas the Train, and now I have another example! He's recently started saying that everything blue is Thomas. Blue block? It's Thomas. Blue book? It's Thomas. Blue sippy? Duh, it's Thomas! And it isn't just Thomas, it's all his friends too. He'll line up 15 different blocks and assign them all names by color, corresponding to whatever color the engine is on the show! Here's an example:

Cracks me up! He came up with that all on his own, too! You may also note that after the James block, he says "Colin the Crane!" There are two crane characters on Thomas and Friends, and Elias loves building them with blocks. And in our house, they are differentiated by the fact that Cranky's top is yellow, while Colin's is purple. (Those are not their colors on the show, but that's just what Elias came up with.) So saying "Colin the Crane!" meant that he was looking for the purple block so we could build him. At least he's got a good imagination!

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Ashlee said...

Noah thinks every train is Thomas. He's only seen a couple of videos so ge hasn't caught on to all the other names yet. Maybe when he gets his Christmas gift he will.