Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Kentucky Vacation, Part 2: Water Fun

The weather was so hot that we spent as much time in various water play as we could.  One day we went to the nearby recreational beach at Kentucky Lake, and this was Elias' first real beach experience!  He wasn't too sure about the water until we inflated this little car float that Nana had, and then he wanted to stay forever!

Nana & Granddad also had an inflatable pool that we put in the shade of the carport, and we all enjoyed that!
He really dug this little toy water gun he got in a Burger King kid's meal...
... even when he shot himself in the face with it!
Nana hooked up the sprinkler, and that was the first time Elias had played in one of those too.  Such big fun for the buddy!  At first he wasn't too sure about getting sprayed in the face, but he got over it.  :)

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KarenD said...

Elias is so big! Can you believe how big our boys are getting? And then when you have a conversation with them... wowsers!