Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pinday: Ziploc Painting with Elias

My friend Angie has begun a weekly meme called Pinday, where we write about inspirations we have found on Pinterest.  Seeing as Pinterest is like the best thing ever, I thought it might be neato to post about things I've found on there and since tried.  Not only will this be a great way to share new ideas and recipes, but maybe it'll convince my doubting sister how awesome Pinterest is.  This week's will be a fun activity I did with Elias, found on Pinterest here.

It is so simple it's ridiculous.  Just put a small amount of paint in a gallon-sized ziploc bag.  (I used about 1/4 cup of blue finger paint.)  Lay it flat and spread out the paint so that a thin layer covers the whole bag, and then zip closed with as little air inside as possible.  Done.  Let kid play as desired.
Elias loved drawing with his fingers, and also drawing with cotton swabs, which he'd never really played with before.  I think his favorite thing, though, was making hand prints in the paint.  We also used the cotton swab to write his name, which you'll hear him spelling in the video below, and you could also use it to practice shapes too.  We loved this, and I'll definitely do it again!

One of my favorite things about it was that there was no mess to clean up!  This is not usually the case with paint.  And it's reusable, which is also not usually the case with paint.  Win!

You'll note at the end that he picked it up and looked through it - made me wonder if some kind of stained-glass thingy might be possible with this technique...  I don't think Elias is ready for that yet.  I'll file that away in my "maybe someday" list.

So if any of my blog readers are Pinterest users (and I know there are some!), then consider doing your own Pinday post and linking up on Angie's blog!  The more the merrier!  It doesn't have to be something you've actually done from a Pinday inspiration...  Even just an idea that you like or want to do someday.  Her linky will be open til the end of the week, so blog about something awesome you found on Pinterest.  Every Tuesday - be there!


Angie said...

How fun! I am going to have to try this with Chapel! Thanks for linking! :)

KarenD said...

OK, I'm going to have to check out this Pinterest thing.

Jessi said...

Too cool. I knew you'd love Pinterest. :)

Nick said...

Don't you worry about the bag coming open? I think I would have to double bag it for my sanity!

Joni said...

Who knew Pinday would be the most comments I've gotten on my blog in a while?! Fun! Thanks for starting the meme, Angie!

Karen, Pinterest is so great! I love it because the images make it so easy to sort through everything - I know right away whether I want to click on the image to find out more. You'll definitely have to give it a try.

Jessi, I had you in mind for joining the Pinday meme! Not that you don't already do plenty of awesome memes on you blog... But still!

Nick, I used washable paint just in case. But our bags are double zippers and I feel pretty confident that it won't open. If I was planning to use it for a long time, I'd just tape around the edges with a sturdy packing tape.