Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Little Quack

While we're talking about books Elias loves to read, we have in the past couple months discovered the Little Quack series by Lauren Thompson.  We heard the first book in the series at a library storytime, and Elias talked about it for weeks afterward.  So we borrowed the book from the library and discovered there were several others in the series.  It seems that there are two that really stand out as Elias' favorites, though: Little Quack's Bedtime and Little Quack's New Friend.  What's really funny, though, is that he seems to have developed a rule about who can read which book to him.  Apparently ONLY Mommy can read Little Quack's Bedtime and ONLY Daddy can read Little Quack's New Friend. 
Mommy's book
Daddy's book

If either of us tries to read the other book, he'll definitely point out that something is amiss, often grabbing the book out of our hands and running it over to the proper reader.  This is definitely not the first time I've wondered where he comes up with this stuff!!!

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