Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Appointment Today

I had another doctor's appointment today, and I'm still healthy as can be! So that's good news! They're actually surprised at how well I'm doing with my weight and my blood pressure, so praise God for both of those things!

I met another one of the obstetricians who may be delivering Elias, and he was a lot more easygoing about my birth plan, so that was encouraging. What was not encouraging, though, was that he was also talking about how concerned he was about Eli's size and wanting me to consider an elective c-section. I'm not going to post any more on how I feel about this - I think all of my readers know where I stand. :) However, Justin has posted an excellent post on his blog with data and statistics about big babies and c-sections, so check that out. Based on his concern, however, the doctor requested that we get an ultrasound next week to try to estimate how big Eli is now. Although I don't believe the ultrasound could be accurate enough to convince me that I should schedule a c-section, I am looking forward to getting to see Eli's sweet face again! I ask you to pray, though, that the ultrasound doesn't show that he's ridiculously huge, that we'll be able to reason with the doctors about why we don't want to elect a c-section (especially this early in the game), and that we continue to trust God for my health and Eli's. Next week we'll be meeting with the third and final obstetrician who may be delivering Eli, so maybe she'll be very cooperative and understanding about what we want to do and why.


Mollie said...

We'll be praying!!!!!!!

Kevin and Julie Melloan said...

Hi Joni-
I recently found your blog and have had 2 c sections. I, too, have some strong opinions about this and the inaccuracy of ultrasounds in measuring baby's weight. Check out
www.ican-online.org for some encouragement about delivering big babies. Feel free to email me directly if you have any specific questions-jmelloan@gmail.com. I am praying you have the birth you desire and a healthy baby/healthy mom!

Schell Mama said...
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