Wednesday, April 02, 2008

First Baby Shower!

I am very blessed to have a caring and generous family who wants to throw me baby showers! The first shower was last Saturday in Madisonville, KY with Justin's family. Justin's mom and sister planned the event, his Aunt Linda hosted it and provided the food, and his cousin Donna made the cake. We had a great time together, and we were able to see some family that we hadn't seen in over 2 years! Eli is so blessed to be born into such a loving family.
This is the food table that Aunt Linda set up. It was quite a delicious spread, and the cake was sweet that said "Welcome Baby Eli." Linda even pulled out the glass dishes and linen napkins for this event! Very fun and fancy!
My mother- and sister-in-law did a great job decorating and planning games. You can see in the above picture that they bought some baby boy clothes and strung them up on a clothesline as decorations, then they gave them to Eli! They also bought the lamp that matches our nursery bedding, and that was part of the decor too. You can see it on the table next to me. And Nicole, my sister-in-law, does stamping, and she made the adorable candle holders you can see around the lamp for prizes for the games. It was so much fun and really cute!
And they gave us so much stuff! We received almost everything for the nursery decor, including the bedding set, sheets, blankets, mobile, and lamp. Another special gift you can see on the left side of the table underneath the gifts. It is a white baby afghan that was crocheted by Justin's Memaw (his mother's mother). Memaw passed away before I was a part of Justin's life, but she left behind several baby blankets for future babies in the family, so we're thankful to be able to have that little part of Memaw in Eli's life. And there are so many other wonderful and thoughtful gifts. Thank you to all of Justin's family who gave us so many great things!

Now we're in Ohio with my family, and they're going to throw me a shower this Saturday. My aunt and grandmother are even driving down from Chicago to come! So I'm looking forward to being able to see more family and have more baby shower fun!


Charity said...

Yea for family and fun! Glad you are getting "showered" with love and gifts! Miss you, girl.

Mollie said...

yay, that's so much fun!!! The nursery will be adorable!