Monday, April 07, 2008

Second Baby Shower!

On Saturday, we had our second baby shower at my parents' house in Cincinnati! I was very blessed that my grandmother and aunt drove in from Chicago, as well as several other family members who live in the Cincinnati area. And what was really nice was that my mom's whole small group from church came, so it ended up being a pretty big party!
This is me with my sister and mom, the hostesses of the shower. You can see in the background of this photo that there is a line of pictures taped to the mantel. These were the results of the first party game we played at the shower. Jessica, my sister, had taken several photos of me and Justin, and she asked each person to cut and paste different features from our faces to assemble what they thought Eli would look like. The results were hilarious and slightly scary. One of them looked just like a guy I did summer missions with once. Hopefully Eli will get all our best qualities and combine them all to look mostly human!
Another fun game we played was where everyone had to guess how many times a Big Roll of Charmin toilet paper would go around my big ol' belly. Then the guests took turns wrapping the roll around my belly until it was out. The above picture is my grandma TP-ing me... She's the one who ended up winning this game. She guessed it right on the nose: 15 times!
We also ate delicious snacks, cake, and punch, and then opened presents! I'm SO thankful for all of the wonderful stuff people gave us! Since most of our registry items could only be bought online, many people ended up just getting us baby clothes, which is GREAT because we didn't have much before! So now Eli is outfitted in style! You can click on the picture of all the gifts below to enlarge it and see them better.The other gifts of note are the things my mom embroidered for Eli. You can see a stack of burp cloths that she personalized for him on the right side of the table. She also embroidered a blanket for him that you can see the corner of hanging off in the front. The best thing, though, is the onesie she embroidered for him that's sitting right overtop of the "John" on the blanket. It says "Eli's comin', hide your (heart) girl!" Now that is CUTE!!!

Many, many thanks to all who have come to showers for us and given us gifts! We appreciate it so much! It's starting to feel like we may actually be ready for him to arrive soon! This is a good thing since we're quickly approaching just a MONTH till Due-day!

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Charity said...

Oh my stinkin' goodness! Look at all that stuff! Dude, you are loaded! And everything is so cute! BTW, you look super cute in that outfit you have on! So glad we could chat yesterday! Love ya! =)