Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Mother's Day

I tell you, I'm actually pretty nostalgic on my first Mother's Day. Elias is such a blessing to our lives, and I'm so thankful for him. He's growing so fast, and I look forward to seeing him blossom and grow with each passing year.I wanted a picture of us dressed up for Mother's Day, but I made the mistake of waiting until after church to take the picture. Of course, his diaper had leaked while he was in the nursery, so he was in his backup outfit. I noticed, though, that the backup outfit we happened to have in the diaper bag said "Nuts about Mommy" on the shirt, so it turned out to be appropriate for the day after all.
Justin and Elias made it a very special day for me! They each got me cards, and Elias even signed his own! I appreciated the card from Justin because the transition from a family of two to a family of three has been a hard one on our marriage. So I am very thankful for such a loving and committed husband that weathers life's storms with me - we both know we will emerge stronger and more in love than ever on the other side.

He also got me The Office Trivia Game! The Office is our favorite show - the only show we watch together besides the nightly news. So this was fun to play together, and we anticipate many good times in the future.

I also got a present for myself... At Baby & Me at the library last week, we made these stamps of our babies' hands to preserve the memory of how small they are! So I framed mine and gave it as a gift to myself for Mother's Day!

Justin also made me breakfast this morning, which he does every Sunday, but it was still very special for Mother's Day, and then we're going out to eat for dinner tonight.

I'm so thankful for my precious family who are such gifts from God! Thank you for making not only my day today, but my whole life so special!


Jan said...

Happy Mothers Day!! It sounds like you made it very special! You truly are blessed with a wonderful husband and precious son. I'm looking forward to the years ahead and seeing how God continues to bless you all.

Love you!

(BTW, your hair looks great!)

Heather said...

Such a beautiful picture of the two of you. Glad you had a great first Mother's Day!