Thursday, May 14, 2009

Your Redemption Draweth Nigh

I read this in Matthew Henry's commentary of the book of Exodus this morning, and it really spoke to me. It's referring to to chapters 7-12 when Moses goes to Pharaoh requesting that he let God's people go. Each time he refuses, God sends another plague. After each consecutive plague, Pharaoh gives in a little more until finally after the last plague, he gives in completely. Here's what Henry had to say about it:
The resistance of Pharaoh was obstinate, but the power of God was irresistible. The heart of Pharaoh was hardened, yet at every application of Moses and Aaron, he was compelled to abate something of his stern and haughty demands, till he gave the isrealites unconditional freedom. In like manner, every struggle against our spiritual adversary, made in the might of Jesus Christ; every attempt to overcome him by the blood of the Lamb; and every desire to attain an increasing nearness to that Lamb, in likeness and in love, will be rewarded by increasing liberty wrung from our enemy. Lift up your heads, therefore, ye who are in this mode seeking your liberty, for your redemption draweth nigh. The chains of your captivity will soon fall off for ever. Satan, indeed, will still pursue and harass you, when you have left the ways and works of sin, until your body shall rest in the grace, and your soul in the bosom of Jesus; but hold fast by God, and your adversary shall not prevail against you. When the enemy cometh in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him; and beneath that standard you shall be finally and for ever victorious.

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