Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We took some pics of Elias wearing this outfit last week - it was handed down to him from his Cousin Joshua! My SuperBaby!Unfortunately, SuperBaby seems to have gotten ahold of some kryptonite this week, and he's not feeling well. Fever, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, clingy/whiny, and NOT SLEEPING! I took him to the doc this morning, and she said it's just a standard upper respiratory infection, and it should clear without antibiotics. So we're just going to keep treating the fever and maybe some Benadryl to clear up his nose. She said call back on Friday if his fever isn't down. Please, everybody, pray with me that he gets better FAST! His birthday is tomorrow, and it makes me so sad he'll be sick on his birthday. Even worse, though, we're leaving Sunday to go to Kentucky and spend several days there celebrating with our whole family, and it would be awful if he was still sick then - or worse, too sick to go. Prayers, please!!!!!


KarenD said...

Oh no, Little E! Get better soon... like TODAY, so you can have a happy birthday. Congrats on turning one!

Corrie said...

Do you guys have a cool mist humidifier? We think that it really helps Clara when she is snotty and congested. They also make Baby Vicks that is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Super baby!!! We hope you feel better!


Nicole, David and Joshua (his super cousin0. :)

Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Eli! Sorry you're feeling sick! Did the doctor recommend Benadryl? Ours said no because Carina's too young. You can also try elevating his crib mattress on one end so he can breathe easier at night. Hope you all have safe travels!