Monday, May 11, 2009

A Week of Firsts

This week has been a big week for my baby boy! He's had several firsts in the past few days, so I'll share them with you!

Last week he started cruising, meaning that he'll take steps while holding onto furniture. He'll cruise around the coffee table or down the length of the couch. He's trying to be able to go from the couch and turn around to get to the coffee table, but he hasn't quite mastered that yet.

He got his first haircut last Thursday! He still doesn't have all that much hair, but what he does have was getting long in the back and over the ears - he was definitely growing a little baby mullet! So we decided to just give it a little trim... Daddy distracted him while I did the snipping. Here's what he looked like before:And after:Not too bad for my first time! :)

Then on Saturday he drank cow's milk for the first time! I've been giving him his lunch and dinner bottles in a sippy cup for the past week in anticipation of this transition, and he did great with that. So then on Saturday for dinner, I just put milk in the sippy instead of formula. He did notice it was different, and he didn't seem to like it as much, but he did still drink it all. We've been doing milk at dinner every day since then, and he's still not completely gung-ho, but he drinks it. We'll change one bottle a week into milk, so next week it will be two bottles of formula and two of milk - I thought we'd do it slow to make the transition easier on his system. I'm VERY proud, though, of how well he's doing with the sippy.

And yesterday, he did TWO firsts! He did some intentional all-fours crawling, which he hadn't really done before. I had the laundry basket out, and he was playing with it, and then he crawled (about 4 steps) over to the couch to pull himself up. Then he sat back down and crawled back! But THEN he flipped the laundry basket upside down, pulled himself up on it, and actually WALKED across the room pushing it! I couldn't believe it! (Who needs those fancy walker toys?!) It was seriously 10 or 15 steps leaning on the basket as he pushed it. I ran and got the camera, but he was done by the time I got there. So hopefully if he keeps doing it, I'll get some video soon!

Such a big boy!!!

ETA: We recreated the scene tonight for Elias to walk with the laundry basket, and we got some video of it this time! Enjoy!

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Mollie said...

He's growing so fast! Adorable!