Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obsessed with Thomas

Elias' deepest love and heart's joy is Thomas the Tank Engine. Seriously. He adores Thomas and all his friends. He knows the theme song. He knows the motto ("Making tracks to great destinations"). He knows the names of all the engines. He asks to watch Thomas all the time. He carries his Thomas toys with him everywhere we go. Obsessed. And honestly, I don't mind so much. I'm so relieved to be done with Elmo that I will take Thomas any day of the week!

Here's a video of Elias singing the first half of the Thomas theme song. (If you want to see the actual song, you can watch it here.)

He knows the whole thing, but I haven't been able to get him on video doing the whole thing. He gets distracted or wants to stop and watch himself on the video camera. In this case, we had our shoes on and were getting ready to go run errands, so he just wanted to get on with it! You hear him say "Get in the car!" at the end... He's a man of single purpose.

You'll also notice in the above video that he has a little toy train that is not Thomas, but he loved it and called it Thomas. This was before his birthday when he got several toys that actually WERE Thomas. Now his other trains are no longer "Thomas," they are "Train."

In his birthday post, I promised a video of him playing with his new remote-controlled Thomas that Nana & Granddad gave him. There are several components to this one, so it's pretty long. The first part is him just playing with the train. He was afraid of it the first time I pulled it out and used the remote, so we turned it off and he loved just playing with it. You can hear him saying the motto in that part. In the second section, Daddy convinced him that it's not scary to play with the remote, so you'll see him learning how to do that. And the third part is what I mentioned in the birthday post - he loved Thomas so much that he wouldn't put him down to eat his snack! So Thomas ate snack with us that day. In that part, you'll hear him saying the opening to the Thomas & Friends show: "Who's that puffing down the tracks? It's Thomas! Hello, Thomas! Hello, everybody! Welcome to the Island of Sodor!"

So Thomas is our new love and obsession, and I think there are far worse things he could be obsessed with! Thank you to all the grandparents who sent him Thomas toys for his birthday! They're all big hits! :)

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