Saturday, April 02, 2011

Bake and Eat!

I love cooking and baking, and so I've always thought it would be fun to have a child who wanted to be in the kitchen with me.  I've tried before to get Elias interested in baking something with me, but he's never cared...  Until today!  I told him I was going to make some banana bread for him and he was definitely interested in that!  So I pulled in a kitchen chair and he stood on it and watched closely as I measured everything, poured it in, and mixed it all together!  He wasn't ready to participate yet, but just his watching intently filled this mama's heart with joy!  He kept saying "Bake and eat!!"  So he definitely got the concept that we were making something for him to eat later!  There was one part he was excited about participating in...
...the licking of the spoon and bowl!  ;)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Count your blessings!

(I have that same mixing bowl and I. love. it.)