Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break, Part 1 - In the Car

Spring Break was a month ago, and honestly I just forgot to get the pics and videos posted!  I got distracted with potty training, and pretty much everything else went out the window!  But this week Justin asked me if I ever got the pics up...  Oops!  So here they are, better late than never!  :)

To start us off, I'm posting a picture of Elias in the car:

This picture is significant for 2 reasons.  First of all, we moved Elias to a big-boy booster seat!  He's well within the weight/height range for them, but the recommendation is not to transition them until they're 4.  Although Elias is not yet 3, and he hadn't outgrown the height/weight specs for his car seat, he had outgrown it by the definition of his shoulders being higher than the top setting for the shoulder straps.  Soooo, since he's so big, and so good in the car, and so HEAVY to be lifting in & out of the car seat, and since we were going on a long car trip for Spring Break, we decided to give it a try.  And it was marvelous!  He does so well in it!  He's obviously more comfortable, and it's so much easier for him to just climb in & out himself!  It's also convenient that I can just keep a bin of toys next to him that he can just reach in and entertain himself.  Score!  So, I'm really glad we plunged in and made the switch.

The second thing that is great about this picture is the way he's sitting.  See how he's sitting cross-legged with one foot on top, instead of the traditional cross-legged posture where both feet are under the knees?  This is absolutely hilarious because Justin has always sat like this, and still does.  As long as I've known him, people have commented about the strange way he sits with one foot on top like that.  So when we saw Elias sitting like this, we absolutely cracked up!!!  Elias is definitely his father's son!!!


Katie said...

Funny you should post about Elias being big enough for a booster seat now. At C's 3-year checkup today, the doctor told me that she had to be 4 years old and 40 pounds to go into one (TN law might be different from MO law; it might say "or" instead of "and"). I rolled my eyes and said that C will be at least 5 before she can go into a booster seat the way she's growing. She's not even 30 pounds yet! But her car seat is rated for up to 80 pounds, so it will probably be a moot point here. Like everything else, she'd outgrow it in height first. That is a plus that Elias is able to reach for toys by himself now. That part does get aggravating when they're in car seats. C does know how to get in and out of hers by herself (minus buckling/unbuckling, of course), so at least I don't have to lift her anymore.

Joni said...

Katie, my understanding is that the guideline for 4 years and 40 pounds is a recommendation, not a law. I hope we're not breaking the law! Ok, so I went and looked at Missouri law, and it says that children under 4 years old must be secured in "an appropriate child passenger restraint system." Whatever that means. :)

Truly, though, I'd rather have kept him in the 5-point harness just because it's so much safer. I was pretty anxious about the decision until I saw how well he did. So I say as long as C can ride in one comfortably, go for it! Even if she's 15! ;)

Andrew's Mommy said...

Love the booster seat. Andrew had to go to one last fall for the same reason. His shoulders wouldn't buckle anymore!!! He is 4 years old, 50 pounds, and 47" tall. Nathan is still going strong in his 5pt harness though. We have us some big boys, Joni!

Love your posts. Love you guys!
Jill :)