Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break, Part 2 - Nana & Granddad's House

Our first stop for Spring Break was Nana & Granddad's house in Western Kentucky.  We always have fun playing at their lakeside house!  The weather was PERFECT for us while we were there, so we spent a lot of time outside.  Apparently Elias' new favorite thing to do is collect gumballs and throw them in the water.  (Gumballs are the spiky seed pods that come from the Sweetgum tree.  See picture at right.  I didn't know about them until this trip!)  There was no lack of gumballs in the backyard, and we would carry around a big bucket to collect our gumballs, and then go down to throw them in the water.  Big times!

Riding on Granddad's four wheeler was another of this visit's high points.  Here's a video of Elias riding first with Daddy, then with Granddad.

Note the difference in speed between the drivers!  Ha!  Granddad goes more my speed.  :)  And it looks like Elias is very serious, but really he's having fun - he's just concentrating!

Both sides of our family really enjoy fishing, and so we're looking forward to the day when Elias will be able to fish with us.  Justin tried pulling out Granddad's cane poles and teaching Elias how to fish, but he didn't get the concept.  At least he had fun with the pole!

I'm so terrible at taking pictures of Elias with the people we love, but Elias did great with his grandparents this trip.  I was pleased that he remembered them and enjoyed spending time with them.  Justin snapped a quick picture of Elias pausing to give Nana a hug as he ran by.
Thanks for the fun, Nana & Granddad!

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