Sunday, April 24, 2011


Just had to post these pics of my handsome boy in his Easter clothes on the way to church!

You may note that this is the same sweater vest he wore for Easter last year!  He fills it out much better now!  I didn't intend to reuse it, but I wasn't planning on cold & rainy weather when I bought his adorable shorts set for this year.  Soooo, that will have to wait until it's warmer!
You'll also note the hotel room in the background.  Since Justin was off school Friday, we jetted down to Branson for the weekend and had a good time in spite of the rain & storms!  I didn't take many pics, but I'll probably do a separate post, so stay tuned for that.  I will take this moment to say, though, that my big boy did not have one single accident the entire time we were gone, but used the potty every time!  Very proud of that big guy!!!

Since we were on the road this morning, we decided to visit the local megachurch that's about an hour from our house, but on the way from Branson to here.  We hadn't made the trip before, so it was the perfect time to visit.  It was a very well-done operation, although a bit showy for my tastes.  However, the message was sound, the worship was sincere, and the visual media was mind-blowing.  Can't ask for more than that!  Elias, though, was in heaven!  They had a full McDonald's style play gym with a ball pit, and for Easter they brought in a truckload of live baby chicks that the kids were able to pet!  Ha!  Then they sent him home with a HUGE bag of candy-filled eggs - not sure if they gave one to everybody or just visitors.  Anyway, I'm very glad we were able to visit while we're still in the area, and Easter was probably the best time to do it!


Capstone Insurors said...

Glad y'all had fun! Nothin' better than a sweater vest on such a cute little guy! :)

Jan said...

He just looks bigger and more grown up every time I see him. Can't wait to come for his birthday party! (and I'm sure he feels so much better not wearing those big, bulky diapers!!)