Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break, Part 3 - Enjoying Kentucky

We explored some while we were in Kentucky, and had some fun adventures!  There's a really great public playground in the small town where Nana & Granddad live.  (Remember a previous visit here.)  The notable thing about this trip was that Elias did the big kid slide. All. By. Himself.  Daddy's the one who encouraged him to do it, and Mommy didn't know whether to be proud or have a panic attack.  Proud won, but only by a hair. This can't be my BABY doing big things like this?!

The other big thing we did in Western Kentucky was visit the Paducah Railroad Museum.  We figured our little train-fanatic would find something he loved there!  And he did.  They had a really nice working model train display that we watched for a long time.

Elias loved to watch the trains go through tunnels and come out the other end!  THEN we discovered a little model of Thomas!!! 
It was a brand new display that we actually had to wait for them to hook up, but then it had a little switch that Elias could control Thomas' movement.  Oh yeah.  He could've stood there all day!

You'll note that Elias is walking around the train museum with his little toy Thomas - it was the only way to keep him from grabbing all the other things he couldn't touch!

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