Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day Adventures at Lake Pomme de Terre

Since Justin had the day off from work today, and since the weather was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, we decided to take an adventure to Lake Pomme de Terre, about 30 minutes from home.  Although we've lived here for 3 years, we've never visited this recreational area, and we've been missing out!  It's beautiful with lots of picnic areas, hiking trails, playgrounds, and even a nice sandy beach!  We made the beach our first stop.
It was a little too chilly for all-out swimming, but we did wade in the water and Elias had a great time throwing rocks and sand.
Justin also spotted a bald eagle flying over us, which was awesome because we didn't know to expect bald eagles there.
Then we hiked a 1/2-mile trail to Indian Point Lookout, which was gorgeous.
I was too nervous about Elias being near the open cliffs that drop down to the rocks below to enjoy myself too much, but I'm just an overprotective worrier.
In this picture, Elias is throwing a walnut off the cliff into the water.  He LOVES seeing things splash!
We did see another bald eagle flying here too, so that was neato.

Then we found a picnic shelter with a beautiful view and ate our packed lunch overlooking the lake.  There was also a playground next to the shelter, so we hit that up for a while after lunch.
Finally, we drove by the marina on our way out of the park, and discovered that they have a floating ice cream shop out on the dock!  Can't pass that up!  So we stopped for a little more sunshine, lake view, and a tasty treat!
You'll notice that Justin & I are smiling at the camera, but Elias is not to be distracted from his ice cream. If I can say one thing about this kid, he's got focus!

It was such a neat time, and I'm so thankful Justin had the idea to take us there today!  If the weather holds, we just might go back again this fall!

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