Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Polk County Picnic

Last weekend, the annual county-wide picnic was held in our town square, and the newspaper said there were plenty of fun things for kiddos, so we decided to stop by.  The first thing we did was tour the local artisans craft fair, which was neat.  There was a lady spinning yarn from llama wool, which I thought was awesome, but Elias absolutely panicked when she offered to give him a little bit of it.  Ok, no llama wool for this guy - got it.  Soooo, we moved on.

At the picnic, there were more booths of local businesses, and LOTS of people selling food.  There was one booth selling homemade pork rinds of various flavors.  Ew.  Justin and Elias sampled their fare, though, and E absolutely chowed down on the cinnamon sugar pork rind.  Mommy will pass - Gag.  Ugh, let's move on again.

Then Elias rode the free train - Woo hoo!!!  He really enjoyed it!
Enjoying the last bite of his pork rind while boarding the train.  Life doesn't get much better than that.
Then he also took a romp in the free bounce house.

So we enjoyed taking advantage of our small community and enjoying the fun things they do!

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KarenD said...

So nice that the activities were free! It's time for our annual Schertzfest, but we went last year and spend TOO much money on carnival rides and fair-type food. The music was too loud for the boys, so I'm thinking we'll pass this year.