Friday, September 23, 2011


Elias got this adorable outfit as a gift from his Nana quite a while ago, and it was too big then.  But I just pulled it out yesterday to see if it fits now, and it does!  How adorable is this kid?  He's got "Future Basketball Star" written all over him!  ;)  Thank you, Nana!!!
When trying to get a nice picture of Elias, I have to take about 10 and hope that a good one comes out.  When I don't have a single one that's good, I just post them all and hope that everyone gets the idea.  :)
At one point in our photo shoot, he decided to suddenly sprint toward the camera. I have no idea why, but he looks like he's got some good basketball moves!
Had to take one without the jacket too, since the undershirt is so cute.  Elias was excited about the basketball player on his shirt!


KarenD said...

Well, you're kid is pretty tall, so basketball star may not be too far-fetched!

KarenD said...

you're=your, sorry

Joni said...

He sure does love shooting hoops, Karen. And he IS tall, although he's built more like a football player than basketball at this point. I guess time will tell! :)