Saturday, September 17, 2011

Starting "School"

I was going through pictures to see if I had any that hadn't been posted on my blog yet, and I realized that although I put it on Twitter & Facebook, I didn't put Elias' first-day-of-school photo on here!  How's this for an adorable big boy?!!?!
Look at me with my big kid backpack!
Dropping him off on the first day
He's been at school for two weeks now, which means he's been 4 times.  It seems to be going well!  He never fusses to be dropped off, although he usually is very glad to see me (and his favorite stuffed cat!) at the end of the day!  His teacher has confirmed that he does have trouble following directions or staying on the right task, but we knew that would be the case, and it's part of why we have him in school!  He really seems to enjoy it, though, and he is definitely learning things...  All the time we hear him talk about things that they must be doing at school because we have no idea where it came from!  Proud of this fella.

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