Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Bump at 5 Months

Alrighty, here's my long-awaited first belly shot! Me and the bump at almost 5 months.This was taken just after we took the sweet boy to his first UK basketball game! He is definitely a future Wildcat fan, although he was pretty disappointed with the Wildcats' pathetic showing against Louisville on Saturday.This was also my first time wearing a maternity shirt. This one was a Christmas gift from my mom and dad - I LOVE IT! Maternity clothes are so comfortable! :)

After the game, we drove to Western Kentucky to spend a few days enjoying Justin's parents' lake house and visiting some family. We haven't seen some of this family since our wedding more than 2 years ago! So it was nice to catch up with these great people.

Being in Middle-of-Nowhere-ville, KY meant that we didn't have the ability to hook our computer up to the internet, which is why I'm not posting these pics until today. I'm sure you all somehow managed to survive the 4 day wait. We're back in Tennessee now, where I believe we will stay until we find out where we'll be moving to permanently! Any prayers you'd like to offer up for us on that subject would be greatly appreciated! :)


KarenD said...

Maternity clothes ARE comfortable! I love the wide waistbands that make all my preggo pants feel like yoga pants. Why don't they make normal pants this way?

Unfortunately, some of my favorite maternity clothes are not fitting any more.

Cute bump!

Steve said...

I'm sorry you were at the game. Saw some on TV. UK is very disappointing this year. Like my Bears, Bulls, Cubs, etc. You look good at 5 months!

Jackie said...

Hey girl- you are beautiful and I can't wait till I get a bump instead of just feeling fat at the moment. If you are in TN and want to visit us sometime you are welcome anytime... or we could have lunch in Asheville- which is fun too. Have a great weekend- Joey turns 26 tomorrow- which should be better than his quarter life crisis last year.