Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!

Happy New Year, everybody! This promises to be an exciting year full of big changes for us, and I'm excited to get it started! An exciting development for us this week was that we passed 20 weeks, which puts us over the halfway mark! Apparently the little bean decided that this occasion meant he needed to start making my belly as big as possible. I feel like I've noticeably grown in just the past 4 days! In fact, he's already starting to press up on my stomach so that I get full faster. I'm kind of a slow learner these days, so I didn't do well with all the big holiday dinners. I didn't realize how full I was getting and thought that I could just eat as much as I wanted the way I always have in the past! That was bad news for me after the meals when I had made myself SO SICK from overeating! So moderation is the key for me, and thankfully all the big family holiday meals are done. Now I just need to concentrate on eating more often instead of eating big portions. My body is slowly recovering from the abuse I gave it with all that food, and I'm learning how to do this pregnancy thing. :)

We're going to be taking the little bean to his first UK basketball game this weekend, and I'll post pictures from that. I feel like my belly is finally big enough that I look pregnant and not just fat, so I'm not ashamed to post a pic anymore. Plus, I have some awesome new maternity clothes that I can't wait to show off! (Huge thanks to Mom, Jess, and Nicole!) So check back for that next week.

May your 2008 be blessed and filled with the joy and hope of the Lord!

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