Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas Loot

Our little bean is yet 4+ months unborn, but he's already racking up some serious loot from the families! Look at what they got him for Christmas:Nana & Grand-Dad Tapp got him a sweet book called "Pat the Bunny."

Grandma & Grandpa Strimple got him a soft "My First Rattle," and Grandma embroidered the onesie for him that says "I'm a Moldovan Baby." There's a story behind this, because one day while we were still in Moldova, Justin found this onesie that for some random reason is being sold on Amazon. So we sent the link to our parents thinking it was cute. (Our baby, after all, WAS made in Moldova!) So Mom used her amazing embroidery machine skills to make him his own personalized one, complete with Moldova's new logo in the top corner.

Santa (aka Grandma) even got in on the action by filling him a stocking with a CD of lullabies, a cow-spotted rubber ducky that lets Mommy & Daddy know when his bathwater is too hot, a pair of adorable UK booties that he will inevitably wear home from the hospital, and a gift card for DQ since he has been craving a chicken strip basket for the past 5 months. It's HIM, not his mommy that needs the chicken strips. :)

I also included in the photo the "mommy-purse" that was a gift from Aunt Jessica (my sister). She said it's the perfect size for all the stuff mommies need to carry around with their babies - bigger than a purse but not as big as a diaper bag. Then Grandma and I designed the monogram to go on it, and she embroidered it for me. I LOVE IT!

So thank you to everyone for making our little bean's first Christmas so special!

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Alright, now. It's about time you posted a belly shot.