Saturday, January 12, 2008

Name That Baby! Contest

Justin and I are kind of beating our heads against brick walls when it comes to trying to agree on a name for our little boy. I like traditional names, he wants something unique. So we decided to appeal to our blogging friends out there for some inspiration! We KNOW that there is a name out there we're both going to love, we just haven't thought of it yet! Can anybody offer us any suggestions? It would be awesome if you could suggest a first & middle name combo, and please think about whether it sounds good with our last name. It does not have to start with a J, but it can.

And if you suggest the name that we end up naming our baby, we'll give you... um... the satisfaction of knowing that you helped us name our son! :)


Liz Waters said...

Hmm, seems like something uncommon but recognizable might be a compromise. Here are some ideas:

Liam Christopher Tapp
Marcus James Tapp
Owen David Tapp
Sebastian John Tapp
Julian Paul Tapp
Lennox Christopher Tapp
Ian Joseph Tapp
Brody John Tapp
Davis Gabriel Tapp
Spencer James Tapp
Calvin David Tapp

KarenD said...

Wow, now that is an open-ended question!! Let me see... of course, we've been doing the same thing over the past several months. We've nailed our first name as Ian, but we are still working on the middle name. Let me see if I can pull some of the ones we were considering that my husband nixed. (I, personally, think they're great names.)

Let's see, I liked: Payton, Gavin, Hayden, Caden, and Reagan. Those are a bit trendy, though. Also, Joshua, Jacob, Tyler (Ty for short), Nathan, and Joel.

Naming a boy is hard. We didn't have any trouble with girl names.

Joni said...

Wow, Liz! Do you just keep a running list of baby names in your head?! Thanks for the suggestions! You too, Karen! We also were a lot closer to deciding on a girl name before we found out it was a boy. Oh well. Maybe our next one will be a girl and we can use the name we like!

Keep the suggestions coming, folks! :)

Tanya V said...

I can think of a great name beginning with the letter H. =)

I like what karend suggested, Tyler (Ty for short).

_____ Tyler Tapp sounds really good


Tyler ______ Tapp could work too.

I just think that Ty is such a great name for a boy!

Kristy said...

I don't mean to disagree with what the above people have said but I think if you liked Ty you should name him Ty. I'm a big fan of calling the kid what you name him. That way in school he doesn't get all confused when the teacher calls out his whole name! Anyway, here are so J names for you off the top of my head:
Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Josiah, Jason, Joshua, Jerod, Jeffery, Jesse, Jacob,Jackson, Jack, Joaquin, Jesus :). For middle names John, Michael, Andrew, Christopher, Matthew, Edward. Just some ideas...pair them up as you can always make it extra difficult and add a second middle name! Can't wait to hear what you decide on!

Rachel said...

If you want something both traditional and unique, you might try using a traditional english/whatever your heritage is name, but using a foreign language pronunciation/spelling of it. That way if the baby grows up in the United States, it will have a unique name, but it can be based in tradition. The Romance Languages tend to make English names sound a little more lovely. But then again, you could always go super-traditional, and that would likely be unique as well. Names like Liam (which another friend suggested) fit that mold. Congrats!

Liz Waters said...

Well, you caught me Joni! I am a little obsessed w/ thinking of names, mostly to stave off actually wanting a baby! I also wanted to tell you that is a cool website that will give you suggestions after you put in names you like. It doesn't always give you great ideas, but it's kind of fun anyway. Good luck!

KarenD said...

Nymbler is cool, and I kept a running list on

We also liked Isaac and Seth.

I'm sorry I am no help on middle names. We are struggling with ours!

Ryan said...


kelgates said...

so Shauna and I got a great idea after listening to a news story about Britney of her kids is named Jayden James. We both think that this might be the one, Jayden James Tapp!
Okay in all seriousness...
Shauna likes:
Thomas Timothy (then his name would be Tom Tim Tapp!!)
Tayden Justus(Justus is a Biblical name according to Shauna)
Joel Turner
Texas Lex Tapp (we were trying to come up with places you've lived so Lex is short for Lexington, sorry not very international!)
I like:
Nathaniel Jude
Anthony Avodlom(that's Moldova backwards!)
Camden David
oh I just thought of the best one: Michael Scott Tapp! (sorry its really late and Shauna and I are having too much of a good time)
Hope this helps!

JTapp said...

Avodlom is a great idea!

Joni said...

You guys are just too much! I love the suggestions! Keep thinking up more good ones! :) Thanks!

Corrie said...

I can't believe no one has mentioned Tim Riggins Tapp! Or Matt Sarason Tapp! :)

Seriously, though...