Sunday, May 04, 2008

38 Weeks

I was too lazy to get a picture yesterday, so technically this is my "38 weeks and 1 day" picture. I almost didn't bother taking it because I didn't think a week would make much of a difference. But I think my belly looks WAAAAY bigger in this picture than it did last week. Maybe it's just the shirt and the way the gathers are bunching on my belly. But dude! I'm huge!

Every Saturday night we have to decide where we want to go to church in the morning. We haven't found a church that we love and want to be a part of, and we haven't really been looking for that, since we don't think we're in this area permanently. However, as we were discussing last night where to go and what we might like to do in the weeks ahead, the thought struck me that by next Sunday, we could have a baby. That is freaking me out a little! I mean, I do want him to come this week if he's ready. My mother-in-law is convinced that he'll be born next Sunday, on Mother's Day - I think that would be sweet, but I also wouldn't mind if I was ALREADY a mother by Mother's Day... But then at the same time, we might not be getting ready to go to church next Sunday morning because we have a newborn in the house?!?!?!?! WHOA! This may or may not make any sense. Just sharing what's going on in that crazy head o' mine.


Charity said...

yippee for a new pic! you still look cute, but yes, i think your belly looks bigger than last week! :) anyways... i totally followed your blog post. made perfect sense to me! whoa, scary! but super cool. can't wait to see pics of eli and then meet him in person! love ya!

Andrew's Mommy said...

Yep, I get it, too. Scary and it's approaching fast! God will take care of all of you and we are praying for you all daily! I think your baby bump has grown, too, but that is a really good thing!!!!! Keep growing, Eli!!