Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Playing with Daddy

We had the sweetest experience last night, and I just had to share about it on here! We were laying in bed talking before turning out the light last night, and Justin had his hand resting on my belly. He unconsciously started rubbing my belly, and we were both surprised when Eli started responding! Whenever Justin would rub his hand over Eli's feet, Eli would move them in response! Then Justin said "Let's see what he does when I rub in a circle..." and Eli responded with a HUGE kick! It was so hilarious, and the surprised look of joy on Justin's face was awesome! Then it bowled me over when Justin said, "Hey! We're playing!" I was laughing so hard, though, that it disrupted playtime. But it was so sweet and special last night to have the first of many, many times that Eli will be playing with his Daddy. :)

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Mollie said...

So sweet!!! I can't wait until we can both feel our own little BOY moving around in there!!! We had our ultrasound yesterday and he's definitely an active little man!!!!