Friday, May 16, 2008

Thanks and Stats

First of all, I just wanted to thank EVERYBODY for all of the kind comments and emails you have sent me in the past couple of weeks! I've tried to respond to them, but I'm sure I've missed somebody. And I want you to know that your support and encouragement hasn't gone unappreciated! I also really appreciate your prayers - I have felt them SO MUCH over the past couple of days. God has given me so much peace about our situation. Whether I go into labor on my own and birth him vaginally, go into labor on my own and end up needing a c-section, or wait 2 more weeks and then just have the c-section - all of those are good and admirable ways to give birth, and what matters most is a healthy baby. I am still asking and believing God for our "ideal" birth, but I am prepared to trust Him should He give us something else. Please keep praying and we'll keep you updated!

I've had so many people tell me the stories of their births, and I am just amazed by how different each one is and how many different ways it can work out! So out of curiosity, I've compiled the data to see what the trend is. This is information on the 28 babies (single births - I didn't include multiples!) that I know that have been born in the past 4 years. (I'm sure I know more, but I either can't remember or don't know how they were born.) Of these:

- 13 of the mothers went into labor on their own and gave
birth vaginally (47%)
- 3 of the mothers went into labor on their own and gave birth by c-section (11%)
- 4 of the mothers were induced and gave birth vaginally (14%)
- 2 of the mothers were induced and gave birth by c-section (7%)
- 6 had elective c-sections (21%)

I don't think this proves or says anything, but I just thought it was interesting, and I'm encouraged at how many actually went into labor on their own and gave birth vaginally! It seemed like everybody I knew was telling me about their induction or c-section story (not that there's anything wrong with that and I love hearing your stories - I was just starting to feel like nobody gave birth without interventions anymore)! But when I stopped and looked at the data, more than half waited until they went into labor on their own, and more than 80% of those that did had vaginal births.

My next question is, for those of you that did go into labor on your own, WHEN did you go into labor in comparison with your due date? From what I understand, when allowed to proceed without intervention, most first-time moms don't go into labor until after their estimated due date... I may be working on another post about estimated due dates and gestation for first-time moms, but this post is already long enough. :)


Mollie said...

Joni! I have to tell you how encouraging it is to hear you say that no matter how it "goes down" the important thing is a healthy baby! I've been feeling overwhelmed with thinking about how I want our birth to look and worrying about whether our doctor will want to induce if we go over the due date, etc and it's good to be reminded about what's ultimately important!! We'll keep praying for ya'll!! Can't wait to hear YOUR birth story!!!

Corrie said...

So glad to read your peaceful words. And I LAUGHED looking at how you've collected data and made a pie chart...You are Justin are a match made in Heaven! :)

Jeannie said...

Glad that you are finding comfort in those numbers. We will continue to lift you and baby Eli up in prayers, praying that He guides your every step and you feel comfort and His blessing in every decision you make.

Andrew's Mommy said...

Our instructor in baby-class said that most first time moms go about a week to 10 days late.

Just FYI - I was induced but was already 4 cm and had been having real contractions for 3 weeks and just would not "kick start" into labor. After 30 minutes I didn't need any more meds and had a successful delivery.

The best thing that I did after Andrew was born was that within 2 hours of delivery, I walked the halls a few times and kept doing that as much as I could and I really was moving fine by the time I left the hospital.

I am so excited for you all! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!!!!

Schell Mama said...

Joni - I'm a first time mom and went into labor 7 days before my due date (using some of the natural induction techniques that I mentioned in a previous post, but no pitocin). I delivered a 10 pound, 12 ounce baby girl vaginally (I had GD). Blessings as you enter the home stretch. He'll be here before you know it and you're right that what ultimately matters is a healthy baby - regardless of how he gets here.

JTapp said...

(i'm Joni's husband)
I'm impressed with the pie chart, been a long time since I've made one of those. I think we should always measure and record everything we can, if just to make cool blog posts.

I gotta give props to the woman who delivered the 10lb, 12oz girl naturally. Wow, glad she came early.

I actually wanted a huge honkin' boy (to play left tackle), so I guess we might be getting what I asked for.

Jessica said...

With Patriot we induced 3 days after the due date. Azlan came naturally 3 days after his due date (after contractions for three weeks!) Looks like 3 is my magic number!

Everyone I've told about your situation suggests walking A LOT. Walking around the mall, walking the neighborhood, walking around a track, etc. They've talked about letting gravity help things along.

Love you and thinking of you often!

Nicki W. said...

haha! there is just NO WAY to tell! tristan came 3 weeks early. my water broke--it was just like you see on tv--the whole thing! he was 7 lb. 2 oz. from what i understand, you can go 2 weeks after your due date and first time mothers usually go at or over their due date. but don't base it on me b/c i will skew your data :)

KarenD said...

Ian was born three days before his due date. We had a vaginal delivery, no pitocin until the very end because the contractions slowed down during the pushing stage.