Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Miracle Solution

First of all, a quick health update: We went back to the doctor today, and Eli's jaundice is officially on the mend! His numbers are still going down, and the doctor says he's good to go. Praise the Lord! He has lost some more weight since our last visit, which most babies are gaining by now. But the doctor said that it's probably because we cut out the formula supplements, and that he thinks we'll be fine if we keep doing what we'll doing. We'll probably take him back next week just to get weighed again and make sure he's gaining for our own peace of mind, but the doctor doesn't need to see him again until he's 1 month old!

Now, let me just say that last night was really hard. Eli was just not sleeping. He'll eat a full meal, and then just scream like he's still hungry. So I'd feed him, and then Justin would spend the next 2 hours trying to console him until I'd wake up to feed him again. Sometimes he would fall asleep, but usually not. We tried giving him a bottle to see if he really was hungry, but he screamed after that too. Terrible. So the whole household was just exhausted and overwrought. And really this has been happening every night since we came home from the hospital - he just doesn't get contented enough after a feeding to fall asleep, so our nights have been long and hard. BUT then at about 7 this morning, I had a brainwave. Maybe he just needs to suck in order to soothe himself! We had intended to not use pacifiers, at least this early, to try to avoid nipple confusion with his feeding. But at this point, we would try anything. So we pulled out the pacifier, and I gave it to him after his feeding. I tell you what, the kid went straight to sleep. It was like a dadgum miracle. I am really REALLY sad we didn't think of it sooner and avoid some of the difficulty we've had. So now the pacifier is our new best friend, and we're hoping that tonight and all subsequent nights will be much better.

And here are a few more pictures for your viewing enjoyment:
Coming home from the hospitalThe welcome sign that his grandparents had waiting for himMy little angelThere's a peek at his eyes!


D&P said...

Joni & Justin:
We are so happy for the arrival of your (little?) package of joy. we are just as excited for the grandparents. As grandparents to three grandsons we really understand the joy.
God is Good.
Doug & Paula

Jessica said...

What a sucker!

You guys are doing great! I think everyone has hard times in the beginning, but you've figured out your first parenting hurdle! Congrats!

I love you! Now go take a nap.

Andrew's Mommy said...

Andrew took a passie but at 5 months refused it and has not taken it since. He nursed well, too. Sometimes it's just that reflex. You won't regret it.

We said we'd never be the family with toys everywhere. Whoops!

:) Jill

Mollie said...

Such a sweet boy! Glad you figured out a sleeping aid!! I'll file that one away in case we need that bit of advise!

Jessica said...

Joni, we intended not to use a pacifier but the day we came home we had this same crisis--i had fed Asa but he was just not happy unless he was on my breast and i could not let him camp there 2 hours a day, so out came a pacifier and he was a happy boy!! now he rarely needs it at all, sometimes to go to sleep during the day, but only when i put him down. the pediatrician said that ENT doctors say to get rid of it at 11 months, so that's our plan. and i talked to my pediatrician about and she said that breast fed babies just really enjoying sucking a lot and most will take pacifiers to satisfy the need to suck... hope you are enjoying some peace now!!

Jessica said...

i meant "camp there 24 hours a day!!"