Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Due Date!

Happy Due Date to me! My sweet boy decided not to come on his due date, but that's ok. We had a nice day anyway. Here's a picture of us to commemorate 40 weeks!I'm just about certain he has dropped at least some, and my contractions are definitely getting stronger. So who knows? There is a full moon on Monday, and they say that labor & delivery wards are overflowing when it's a full moon! :)


Jessica said...

You look beautiful! And I agree that it looks like he's dropped.

We'll be praying for Monday! Call if you need anything, even if you don't have news.

Love you

Andrew's Mommy said...

I too think he has dropped! It's coming! YES!!!!!!!!!

KarenD said...

It was a full moon when Ian was born... and the maternity ward was full! We got the last room available, and we got to stay in the nice big delivery room a little longer because the postpartum recovery side (tiny tiny rooms) were full.

Matt McKee said...

I think it would be great if he had the same birthday as me. Don't you think that would be cool?